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Who is Permatex?

Permatex is a leading global manufacturer of premium chemical products specifically developed for the automotive maintenance and repair market. 


Automotive enthusiasts, professional technicians and industries alike enjoy the product depth that Permatex offers under numerous well-recognised brands - such as Permatex, the Right Stuff, Fast Orange, Ultra Series, NOS, Gel Twist and No Touch.  The extensive product offering by these brands includes hand cleaners, thread lockers, adhesives, gloves, gasket makers, lubricants, octane boosters, sealants, and specialised maintenance & repair products… so you are sure to find the right product for your specific application!

So what makes Permatex special?

Each product is developed with an understanding of our customers’ needs.  Our resources and people are organised to satisfy those needs, which drives Permatex to be a leading edge supplier of innovative products.


Innovation through research and development is a Permatex hallmark. We continually enhance our capabilities in our laboratories and facilities to provide our customers with a constant flow of new and improved products.



Permatex premium products are suitable for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

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