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Cleaners & Additives

For cleaning deposits from fuel systems, fuel injectors and combustion chambers, these cleaners eliminate engine knocking and pinging and restore lost horsepower.They are blended with the unique performance-enhancing Powertane for additional performance.

Octane Boosters

Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS) was founded in 1978 by well-known drag racers Mike Thermos and Dale Vaznaian to market products utilizing N2O. Through introducing precisely metered amounts of nitrous and petrol into an engine, tremendous gains in power were obtained essentially as a result of increasing combustion pressure. This underscored the need to improve the potency of available pump petrol, and the net result is NOS Octane Booster. Formulated to eliminate the preignition (pinging) common to lower octane petrol, Octane Boosters help in all situations from towing heavy loads on steep inclines in a stock vehicle to racing with nitrous oxide at the track.


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