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No Touch® Appearance Products

Founded on innovation, propelled by chemical technology and supported by total commitment.

More than ten years ago, No Touch started a category by simply developing a product that was superior in all respects.
   Easy to use.
      Top quality.
It worked and we haven't forgotten why.

Now as a part of Permatex, Inc., No Touch continues to introduce new products that retain the spirit of what was started years ago…ease of use and superior quality. All No Touch products must meet this exacting standard including our No Touch High Shine Tire Care, our original No Touch Tire Care, No Touch Wet'N'Protect™ and No Touch All Wheel Care®. And don't forget No Touch glass care and interior care products.

So what's in store for the future? Only time will tell. But at Permatex, we're not waiting around to find out. With great new products like No Touch Seriously Wet™, one of the most complete appearance lines on the shelf and an undying commitment to our customers, we're blazing our own future. And it's a bright one. 

What's "Spray on the Love"?

What's Spray on the Love? It's that feeling between you and your car that's an almost psychic connection that defies explanation.

When your car is hot, you look hot! And nothing makes your car hotter than No Touch!
No Touch products are formulated to deliver gorgeously detailed tires and wheels that command the rest of the world to, "Check me out!". And attention-grabbing tires and wheels lead all eyes directly to the "hottie" behind the steering wheel. That's YOU!
And that, is what it is all about.

No Touch - Just spray on the love and walk away.


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