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Permatex Clear RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealant

General-purpose, clear RTV indoor/outdoor sealant. Seals, bonds, repairs, mends and secures glass, metal, plastics, fabric, vinyl, weather stripping and vinyl tops. Protects and repairs electrical wiring. May be applied to horizontal or vertical surfaces. Waterproof and flexible. Temperature range -75F to 400F (-59C to 204C); resists oil, water, weather, vibration, grease.

Suggested Applications: Windshields, door frames, electrical connections, vinyl tops, seams and roofs
Item #Container SizePackPart #MSDSTDS
80050 80 ml tube, carded 12 80050 MSDS TDS
81913 205 g net wt. pressurized cans 12 81913 MSDS TDS
85913 205 g PowerBead can 6 85913 MSDS TDS
80855 300 ml cartridge 12 66C MSDS TDS
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